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    Managing Your Online Reputation

    With an increasing number of review sites and blogs online it is more important than ever to manage your online reputation or at least have an idea of how you look online. It’s one thing to reply to negative reviews or comments and offer to improve your customer service, but how do you find those comments? How do you manage your reputation professionally

    Nokia and Mercedes-Benz Collaboration

    Nokia-Mercedes: Self Driving Cars

    Nokia’s Here business is partnering with Mercedes-Benz to design completely autonomous vehicles. Mercedes’ parent company Daimler wants self-driving cars on the road by


    Facebook owes $20m for Like-jacking

    A judge has approved ordered Facebook to pay $AU 22.27 million for using members “likes” as endorsements for ads without their permission

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer delivers a keynote address

    Microsoft CEO Ballmer to retire

    Microsoft has announced that CEO Steve Ballmer will step down within the next 12 months

    SEO Tool from SEO Chat

    Try This Smart Page-Keyword Density Tool

    Today we’re looking at a smart keyword density analysis tool that you can use on your sites to analyze your keyword choices and appearance in SERPs (search engine results pages)

    Michael Dell

    Dell founder makes his final offer

    Dell founder, Michael Dell is making his “final offer” to shareholders in a bid to buy out the remaining publicly held shares and take the company private


    Merkel Urges Global Data Protection Deal

    GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel has come out strongly in favour of an international agreement to protect electronic data, following revelations by former intelligence agent Edward Snowden


    $25 million for an app that doesn’t exist yet

    Lucas Duplan has just received $25 million in funding for his mobile payment app. The only thing is it hasn’t even launched yet! A TWENTY-one-year-old university graduate has become the recipient of the world’s largest early investment funding, all for a mobile payment app that isn’t yet publicly available. Lucas Duplan, a Stanford Graduate, raised [&hellip

    Edward Snowden

    Hong Kong Fighting Extradition

    NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Picture credit: The Guardian. HALF of Hong Kong believes their government should not extradite former US spy Edward Snowden, according to a poll which was published a day after hundreds protested in his support. The Sunday Morning Post ran the poll, which found that 49.9 percent of respondents thought Mr Snowden, [&hellip

    Content Optimized for People

    5 Reasons Why SEO Works

    Want to know why SEO works? Well here’s 5 powerful reasons why search engine marketing is the most essential form of advertising you can use. It has the potential to make a major change to your business


    The 10 most annoying Facebook users

    The 10 most annoying Facebook users, along with a few special mentions. We’ve all seen them and they just need to stop!

    Google Robot Smackdown

    Trying to Beat Search Algorithms

    There was a time, albeit quite a few years ago, when SEOs could trick search engines and get away with it. Those days are long gone