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10 Perfect Gifts for a Geek

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Has a geek got you stuck for gift ideas? These 10 gifts will satisfy the geek in your life.

1. XBox 360 Controller Bra

xbox-360-controller-bra Missing out on attention because your boyfriend is always playing video games? Well now you can lure him away to play a different game with the XBox 360 controller bra. Careful button mashers out there.

It’s available for $25 in most sizes and you can even get an original NES version for the retro gamer. Unfortunately you may need to allow some time for shipping, so lets look at some other options.

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2. Hobbits Feet Slippers

hobbits-feet-slippers One does not simply walk into the Shire, but with these Hobbit’s feet slippers you can transform even the cleanest feet into oversized gross and furry Halfling feet. As a bonus they’re comfy plush and warm slippers. They make a great gift idea for Lord of the Rings fans.

Or they could even double as part of a costume when you go to the premiere late night screening of The Hobbit! $19.99

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3. Star Wars Lightsaber Candle Holders

star-wars-lightsaber-candles Make your Dark Sith Lord feel at home when he comes for dinner as you cook up a tasty Wampa stew with these Star Wars Lightsaber Candle Holders.

This set of 2 solid metal candlestick holders are the perfect re-creation of Darth Vader’s lightsaber. And they come with three no-drip red taper candles. $24.99

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4. Bluetooth Phone Gloves

bluetooth-phone-handset-gloves You can literally talk to the hand thanks to these Bluetooth phone handset gloves. For the practical geek who wants to stay warm and socialize.

They feature an earpiece in the thumb and a microphone in the pinky, but while they do sound great please remember they are guaranteed to make you look crazy while using in public! $64.00

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5. Super Mario Bros Toilet Seat

super-mario-bros-toilet-seat Decorate your bathroom with the greatest plumber known to manwith the Super Mario Bros Toilet Seat. This hand painted toilet seat depicts the classic Super Mario tearing it up in the nostalgic 1-1 level.

It comes triple layered in polyurethane to protect it from common bathroom mishaps.. $70.00

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6. Arcade Light Switches

Light Switch Plate The perfect finishing touch for your lavish game room is this arcade light switch.

Not only is are these arcade light switches fully functional, but they also light up in the dark and emit classic arcade sound effects when you press the buttons. What’s that “pew pew” you hear? No it’s the sound of pure gamer geek happiness. $14.99

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7. Floppy Disk Coffee Table

floppy-disk-coffee-table This is more like a 3 and a half foot floppy. The perfect piece of furniture for a geeky household, this massively over-sized floppy disk table is a remnant of computer technology past. I has functional storage drawers so it can actually hold more than 1.44 megabytes of stuff. As long as the do not write catch isn’t set.

It’ll set you back $930 but it’s manufactured from hot rolled steel.

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8. USB Nintendo 64 Controller

usb-nintendo-64-controller Relive your greatest gaming memories with this USB Nintendo 64 controller. This nostalgic and 100% accurate N64 controller allows you to play like you did during the golden age of Nintendo gaming with arguably the best controller ever made. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from all the 1080p rendered graphics and go back to the simpler days of gaming.

Enjoy classics like Golden Eye, Mario 64, Zelda and countless others. Of course coupled with the right emulator you practically have an N64 on your PC. $29.99

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9. Star Wars Storm Trooper Cufflinks

stormtrooper-cuff-links Now you can ooze Imperial class with these Stormtrooper cuff links. These officially licensed three dimensional silver Stormtrooper helmet cuff links are a must have for any fashionable Imperialist.

Approximately 3/4″ x 1/2″ and available on Amazon. $124.95

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10. Batman Motorcycle Suit

batman-motorcycle-suit Ride around looking like the Dark Knight with this replica Batman motorcycle suit. But you might need to add on a mask if you don’t want the Joker finding out your true identity.

This extremely detailed motorcycle suit is constructed using leather and Kevlar inserts, giving you real protection while looking like Batman.

Available in a few styles, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises. $1564.00

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