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11 Most Interesting Responses to Instagram

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Here is 11 of the most interesting Instagram responses to the planned changes to its Terms of Service:

instagram.combenlowy – Brooklyn, NY | December 18, 2012 This is my son Mateo. Photography is how I provide for him, clothe him, put him in school. Photography is my passion, my calling, and my means of livelihood. Now Instagram and Facebook want to take my hard earned imagery, and use it to generate income for themselves. What they have done is signal the end and failure of what could have been a revolutionary social media platform for visual communication. So for now, I must take a step back and reassess my place on Instagram.

instagram.comianfitzpatrick – #Phonto #monetizeTheStream

instagram.comthiswildidea – Maddie refuses to open her eyes until Instagram changes it’s terms of service policy! #MaddieProtest
instagram.comchristianjsweet – “Damn you, Instagram” // I’m going to keep my profile in the case that things end up taking a positive turn, but in the meantime I’ll be migrating to Flickr. Never used it before but they released an app that’s nearly identical to Instagram’s, not to mention that it’s community isn’t based on followers or any number-related bullshit

instagram.commoniquaYou want to use this picture @instagram? Go right ahead. @imapirate1′s brilliant idea. Let the #uglywatermarkprotest begin!!

instagram.commagicmarco – Baby, hold me. Hold me like this is going to be Marco’s last post . Of course I’ll hold you. But you’re being dramatic. He’s not going nowhere. Why would he ? Because of the new Instagram TOS. It’s the end of the days, babe. Instagram isn’t what it used to be . What do you mean ? Uh, hello. Now Instagram can just use your pics for whatever, even make money off them, all without your permission . So? How many Instagram pics has Marco sold ? None. But that’s not the point. Those are his pics. He put a lot of work into them . Uh. Dude walks around, snaps a couple pics with his phone, throws a couple filters on them shits and throws them online for whoever to see. He isn’t a photographer and his gallery isn’t a résumé. Instagram is just something to do . How dare you! His pics are art. And he deserves to be compensated for his work . Really? How much compensation was he getting for his art before Instagram? And how much is he going to make if he starts posting somewhere else ? Whatever. You don’t get it. No one should make money off your work and not give you a dime. That’s stealing . Ok. Obviously you’re upset. The Instagram sky is falling. I get it. You’ll be pleased to know Marco set up a new website to sell his pics on . Really? What is it?? ? It’s called You’re an ass. I hate you . Speaking of ass . Nope. None for you . But . Nope . #TheSkyIsFalling

instagram.comjasonmpeterson – I don’t understand why everyone is buggin out.

instagram.comkbasta – { Instagram: I’ll hate to have to leave you }

instagram.comkoci – Dear friends, by now you’ve all read about Instagram’s new terms of service. If not please take a moment to Google it and inform yourself. We’re all going to feel different about what this means for us as individual creators and that is expected. I see myself as a ‘cautious optimist,’ so I have my fingers crossed that they, Instagram, will listen to the voice of the community and reverse the new terms of service, but I’m not holding my breath. I don’t feel like debating the terms of service or being too nostalgic about the old days of Instagram, I feel that it’s much better just to take our work and more importantly friendship and conversation to another place that respects our rights and ownership as creators. Let’s move the party to a new location. Until then, I’ll be posting any new photographs on Flickr user name Koci Hernandez , Starmatic and EyeEm user Koci. I’ll keep this account open until January 16 so that I can follow the developments and continue to be optimistic about a possible change. #againstnewtos

instagram.comlbm – I support Instagram! Here’s why: Instagram is a service and community that means a lot to me. I think the users are the coolest dang collection of photonuts on the web, and I love that it’s introducing a whole new generation to the joys of image making. I put a lot of time and energy into encouraging photo friendships through my various projects, but Instagram does more each day than I’ll be able to do in my lifetime. The photowalks, the meet ups, even the way the app is set up to introduce you to photos and photographers your friends like, all bring people together in meaningful ways at an enormous scale. I’ll be honest: I’m friends and neighbors with several Instagram staffers and my husband works for Facebook. So maybe I’m more willing than most to give them the benefit of the doubt through this PR disaster. But I do really believe they are trying to find the best and most graceful ways to turn this startup into a business. It’s not easy, and it’s not tried and true. It’s a daily experiment, and one that the staff seems to learn quickly from. Please check out the recent post to the Instagram blog and give them a chance to make this right. I’ll miss you if you go!

instagram.comnatgeo – Photo by natgeo * Instagram

instagram.cominstagram – Thank you for your feedback about the changes to Instagram’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. We wanted to let you know that we’re listening and are committed to doing more to answer your questions, fix any mistakes, and eliminate any confusion. Please visit our blog to read a note from Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram, that clarifies these changes. You can visit the blog at or tap on the link in our bio.

UPDATE: Since the backlash Instagram has changed their stance, slightly, but has their lesson been learned?

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