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    New Worlds

    2013: Is this the year of Earth 2.0?

    Astronomers predict that the first confirmed Earth-like planet will be found next year


    10 Perfect Gifts for a Geek

    With only 1 day to go til Christmas are you stuck for gift ideas? These 10 gifts will satisfy the geek in your life

    Call Me H1

    Essential SEO Factors when Designing a Website

    In this article we’re talking about things like file naming structures, metas, images, appropriate use of coding and ensuring that a website loads quickly


    Kesha’s ‘Die Young’ Pulled After Shooting, She Tweets Reaction

    Kesha’s hit “Die Young,” is being pulled by some radio stations and drastically losing airplay time with others in the wake of Friday’s Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in which a gunman killed 20 children and six adults before turning the gun on himself


    15 Most Pathetic Corporate Facebook Updates

    We’ve all seen the horrible tactics that companies are using to attract Facebook likes.. “share if you agree.” Here’s 15 of the worst…


    “Demeaning” Facebook Image Banned

    Why has Australia’s ad watchdog, censored the men’s magazine “Zoo” for this Facebook post


    Instagram Can Sell Your Selfies

    On Monday Instagram released the latest blow, their new privacy policy, which kicks in on Jan. 16. And for any one of the photo-sharing app’s 100 million users who want little or nothing to do with Facebook, it’s bad news

    Hungry Jacks Kids Addicted to Fast Food

    Kids ‘Addicted’ to Fast Food App

    Dietitians are pushing to ban a new smartphone app that allows kids to get free hamburgers and fries at Hungry Jacks restaurants, children are “becoming addicted.”


    Copying iPhone? Leaked BlackBerry Handset!

    Photos of RIM’s first handset that will run the new BlackBerry 10 operating system have been released. But have we seen it before

    Mass Effect 3

    Facebook Page Attacked: Misidentified Shooting Suspect

    Facebook users attacked the official Page for the video game “Mass Effect” after media misidentified a Facebook user as a suspect in a school shooting

    Content Optimized for People

    Optimizing Your Website Content for “People”

    Everyone who owns a e-commerce website hopes that visitors will come to it for purchases. In truth, visitors often sites for their content or ideas. You should never presume that visitors are looking to compare and purchase your product, especially with the importance of blog posts to SEO efforts. If your visitors find crappy content, [&hellip

    Sensored Google

    Google: Government Surveillance Increasing

    Governments world-wide want to get their hands on Google’s immense and valuable user data for a variety of purposes. Google started tracking the a lot of these requests in 2010 and has released the reports every six months. This week, with the search engine giant’s sixth transparency report, it’s clear to see that these requests [&hellip